Torna Vacations

Nestle in the sounds of nature
Immerse yourself in the fragrance and serenity of deep, green forests.
Focus on snow-clad mountains
There’s no view that can be compared with the deep valleys, pine-covered terrain, steep mountains, and snow-clad peaks.
Dip your feet in cascading waves
How can one ever say no to blue skies, the sound of crashing waves, sandy beaches, and coconuts?
One of a kind spot
There’s something about Camels, Desert Safaris, and endless Sand Dunes that make deserts hard to ignore.
City escapes between high-rise buildings
In midst of the busy streets of strange cities, you’ll always find something to fall in love with.
A lifetime core memory
Bask under the greenish-blue swirls formed in clear night skies near the Northern Pole.

What we Do

Our Services

Customized Packages

We offer unique customized travel packages per your convenience, schedule, and preference.

Corporate Travelcations

We are also experts in planning corporate travel vacations to any destination of your choice.

Transport Bookings

We’ll carry out the gruesome task of booking all your transport arrangements from flights, and trains

Tour Guide/ Manager

A trip is incomplete without a tour guide telling you all the tantalizing stories about the places you’ll be visiting.

Accommodation Reservations

Whether you wish to stay in a houseboat, a five-star hotel, or a tent, we’ll take care of all the reservations.

Restaurant Suggestions

Food is a major part of traveling, and probably one of the most important ones, that’s why we have a complete list of restaurants you can munch at.

Customized Travel Packages

What most people like


There are a thousand locations to travel to, but then there are destinations that’ll never be out of style, and will always be on top of a traveler’s bucket list. 

Indian Ocean

The Middle East 

Southeast Asia 


Get 20% discount
on select packages!

The reason for you

Why travel with us?

Experienced Staff

We are a group of experienced individuals who know all the ins and outs of booking you the quality holiday you deserve.

Client-Oriented Approach

We care about the wants and preferences of our clients and plan a trip that suits their plans and personality.

On-Time Delivery

We know of the impatience and the excitement that comes when planning a trip, that’s why we ensure to deliver you your itinerary on time.

Torna Vacations can make and book the travel plans you desire, all you have to do is let us know where you want to go, and enjoy the backdrops of your trip.